Microchipping Your Pet

The Best Gift You Can Give Your Pet

From 1st May 2007, all cats or dogs registering with a council for the first time must be microchipped prior to registration. Councils will also have the power to require compulsory microchipping of all cats and dogs housed in their municipality.

Any cat or dog from all Domestic Animal Businesses (pet shops, pounds, shelters and commercial breeders with more than 10 breeding animals) must have a microchip implanted prior to sale.


The microchip is about the size of a grain of rice. It contains a Unique number (15 digits long) that displays on a microchip scanner. This unique number will be linked to the owner’s details in an approved, licensed Registry database. Heritage Vet Clinic only implants approved ISO microchips and uses Central Animal Records as our licenced Registry.

The microchip is injected under the skin between the shoulder blades. There is no need for anaesthesia. Your pet may feel a little discomfort with the injection but afterwards there will be no side effects.  

Benefits of Microchipping:

  • Provide a permanent form of identification for the life of your pet
  • Unlike a collar and tag, a microchip can not be lost
  • Inexpensive – a once-off minimal cost provides life- long security that your pet can be reunited with you. Plus no additional costs for changing your details with Central Animal Records
  • An alternative contact person can be added to your details if you are unable to be contacted
  • Simple and easy to perform

Microchipping can be performed at Heritage Vet Clinic. Please call to make an appointment.


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