Health Examinations

Health Examinations

Regular check-ups and physical examinations are important in keeping your pet happy and healthy. Even though your pet may not appear to be sick or unwell, a thorough physical examination and medical history can detect early problems which can be addressed promptly. Having regular check-ups also allows our vets to monitor any changes that may occur over the life of your pet. We recommend at least an annual check-up for your pet. As your pet reaches their senior years we recommend twice yearly visits. 

Common problems detected during consultations include:

  • dental disease
  • weight problems
  • skin conditions
  • heart murmurs
  • skin tumours
  • arthritis
  • abdominal tumours
  • eye conditions

If you are concerned about any problems with your pet or would like to have a check-up please contact Heritage Vet Clinic on 03 9386 1501.


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